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Traditionally, the purpose of design has always been to create a clear and strong message through appealing visuals. Industries depend on designers to create publications, illustrations, web graphics, branding elements, and much more. However, the goal of a designer is to create more than just a “pretty picture.”

A designer’s true purpose is to connect. 

An interface is defined as “the place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and act on or communicate with each other;

a surface forming a common boundary of two bodies, spaces, or phases.” As designers, our purpose is to create the interface. We must build the visual meeting point for people and design; we must be the source of visual, mental, and emotional communication in order to understand each other.

It is our job to build the bridge between viewers and creators.

This exhibition is a collection of work from many different people; some of us from different places around the country, and some of us from around the world. Some of us are skilled with color and layout, and some of us possess unmatched illustration skills. Despite our differences, we all share the common goal of creating connections.

We hope that this exhibition is a space for audiences to feel heard, understood, and united in unexpected ways.

INTERFACE is a student led virtual exhibition featuring original projects by the LSU Senior Graphic Design Class of 2020.

Thank you for supporting our work.