"The Hope Project"

In my project, I show how artisans from poverty-stricken areas of the world use their art to improve their own economy, education, and life, as well as encourage my audience to invest in the small business economy. 

To accomplish my goal, I partnered with Hands Producing Hope, a local company that empowers women artisans to create a sustainable future for themselves and their families. They provided me with the physical communication medium I needed to spread my message to the public in the form of a mural, located on their new storefront, which sells artisan made goods. They also provided me with real-life testimonials to strengthen my message through a poster series. Through illustration and testimonials from real artisans living in Baton Rouge, Costa Rica, and Rwanda, I hope to show the Baton Rouge and global community how  choosing to invest in a small business has the power to change a person’s life.

Come visit my mural at The Hope Shop, located at 1857 Government Street, Baton Rouge, to be completed

by late Summer 2020.

For more information about Hands Producing Hope, and how you can directly impact the lives of woman artisans,

visit handsproducinghope.org 


aline moreaux.com



My post-graduation dream job would be to design textiles and other illustrations for Anthropologie,

and also be the social media coordinator for my successful and popular farm animal sanctuary.

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