"The Colors of Love"

Throughout my entire life I’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by so many healthy relationships. I’ve always grown up admiring my parent’s relationship and it has always inspired my sister’s and I to seek the same. The inspiration for this project came at the beginning of summer 2019 after helping both my sisters plan their weddings six months apart. It put into perspective for me how different everyone’s relationship truly is and I wanted to investigate more into that idea. 

The objective was to create an interaction between color theory/psychology and how couples experience, understand, and sustain the qualities of their relationship. I began with a questionnaire for each couple to fill out individually. From there I grabbed key words and translated them into the color that best equates that emotion or feeling. The original plan was to create a series of paintings but due to the circumstances I transferred the idea into digital posters. 

If I had to do a karaoke number in front of my classmates, I would preform Bohemian Rhapsody.

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