"Identity: Understanding  

  the Mind and Body

  Relationship "

The focus of my research and senior project was based on the concept of Dualism. More specifically, I wanted to focus on the philosophical side of Dualism that explores the relationship between the mind and body. Learning about Dualism was an eye-opening experience because it finally merged the world between the conscious mind and the human body with the belief that the two work together as a relationship. Understanding the mind and body as a relationship, allowed me to then realize how outside factors like food or stress can affect the relationship between the mind and body.

Similar to the study of philosophy, the concept of Dualism extended beyond this relationship and breaks off into various sub categories that challenges who we are as individuals. It was within curiosity to answer these questions that motivated me to explore this interest for my senior project. To visually explain their relationship, I explored using mixed media techniques to create two boards that represent the right/left side of the brain and a sculpture of the body. My end goal is by better understanding Dualism, I will develop a better sense of awareness for myself and other people around me.




If I had to do a karaoke number in front of my classmates, my song of choice would be

"I Like" by Guy. Mainly because they have tons of ad libs, and who doesn't enjoy those?

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