"Personal Records"

The music we listened to during our formative years is a strong trigger for nostalgia, having the power to evoke memories, visual images, and other sensory associations psychologically tied to those songs. The memories made during our teenage years and early twenties, a period called the "reminiscence bump," are the memories we return to the most, as they are retained during the height of brain development. This project, through research of music/memory association and album cover artwork, aims to display a personal narrative through collages--inspired by memories associated with the albums that were of huge influence to me--using sensory imagery to evoke feelings of nostalgia. The album covers are created using collage techniques, mainly analog, and digital media, utilizing vintage photos and film grain to evoke dreamy, nostalgic feelings; other assemblage techniques are used to give covers a “scrapbook” treatment, to emulate the sentimentality of looking through old photos. To tie these albums together, they are released as a “collector’s series” titled Personal Records, as they are personal sentiments to my experiences, though everyone has different memories attached to different albums/songs. I think it would be cool to further develop this project to create personalized covers based on others’ testimonials about their beloved albums.

If I had to do a karaoke number in front of my classmates, I'd do "Too Little Too Late" by JoJo, high notes and all. JoJo was my earliest known icon of female empowerment and I will carry

her legacy. 

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