"Dontcha' Wanna Dance"

Dontcha' Wanna Dance is a campaign which works to encourage self-confidence and inspire people of all ages to dance. Through my research, I found one of the main motivations for dancing is a good song, even for those people who don’t like to dance. Throughout the Dontcha' Wanna Dance campaign, you will find popular song lyrics from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, bright colors and patterns, and illustrations inspired by real photographs. Since this campaign is centered around self-confidence and breaking out of your comfort zone, the posters and floor decals are displayed in public areas, where dance is not as common. The floor decal brings an interactive element to the poster, allowing a dance to be learned on location! With record players becoming a popular novelty, the Dontcha' Wanna Dance records are fun collectable items, with great dance songs from various decades. Dance has played a major role in my life, as I have danced over 18 years and am graduating with a minor in Dance. I can only hope dance encourages others to break out of their comfort zones, just as

it did for me. 

Stickers and buttons inspired by the Dontcha Wanna Dance campaign can be purchased at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/brookeskylar/shop?artistUserName=brookeskylar&collections=1357923&iaCode=all-departments&sortOrder=relevant

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