"Eclectic Slide Curated Vintage"

Eclectic Slide is a curated vintage shop focused on helping people find unique vintage pieces from home decor to clothing! We believe in sustainability through reusing and recycling of products. Fast fashion has promoted the idea of disposing cheap clothes and home goods seasonally, instead of investing in quality items for a longer time. Our mission is to help slow the cycle of fast fashion by providing curated sustainable goods that you cannot find anywhere else!
I have always been passionate about buying second hand and supporting sustainable brands. Over the past year, I found myself at estate sales and thrift stores every weekend and wanted to find homes for all of the cool pieces I was collecting. I decided to create a company that could combine my two worlds: design and vintage goods! My favorite items to find are typically from the 1960s and 1970s so I took inspiration from the colors and floral patterns from those eras for my branding. I also chose to use recyclable paper and packaging for my brand, as to further help reduce landfills. My hope is that through my shop, I am able to provide a place where people can shop sustainably for funky unique goods.

Check us out at www.eclecticslidevintage.com

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My favorite quote is "Anything's Possible" because it's a nice reminder that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

INTERFACE is a student led virtual exhibition featuring original projects by the LSU Senior Graphic Design Class of 2020.

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