"Daydreamer: How I

  Planted My Feet Keeping

  My Head In the Clouds "

My project is a short story book describing how I turned other people’s negativity towards my interests into something positive. When I first approached the project, I wanted to create something that felt like part of me; something that when people who know me saw it, they would think “Oh yeah, that’s Dakota.” I first began thinking about what things make me happy, and from there I began to look at the influences that really drew me to art in the first place. I’m drawn to bright colors and bold characters, like those in a Nintendo game or an anime like Dragon Ball. I set out to create a narrative about what I learned from those influences and interests that people have told me are silly and frivolous. I began by hand-drawing myself and my heroes from games, music, and animes in a static pose that I referenced. I used those to begin crafting more elaborate illustrations that feature myself alongside those heroes in an environment that pays homage to them. The characters themselves are drawn with heavy linework and are on a white silhouette to resemble a sticker or a cut-out that has been placed within the book. Through the bright colors and light-hearted story, the project ultimately spins a bad thing into good, which is a lesson I try to live by.


Please click the link below to view my full book:



If we did a class karaoke, I'd have to give a riveting performance of Dark Horse (I'd be both Katy Perry and Juicy J obviously). Not only is it my favorite song ever, I'm not too ashamed to admit that I know the entire choreography from her Grammy's performance. 

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