"All The Words"

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with body image. This struggle has manifested itself in many ways, a good bit of which I’ve learned to overcome. However, the road to self-love is not a linear path. It has its trials and tribulations mixed in with the joyous victories. Because of this, I find it important to be able to express the feelings and thoughts that come with such a journey, which is why my project is a collection of deeply personal poems and accompanying visuals that represent my experiences with body image. While my experiences are my own, I know that many others have had experiences that are similar, or even identical, which is why I hope that by sharing these thoughts with the world, someone, somewhere, will see a piece of my words reflected in themselves and know they aren’t alone.

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Sometimes victories can seem small, but their quiet significance means worlds more than trauma’s deafening cries for attention.

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