"The Nature of Grief"

For my thesis, I explored the five stages of grief and how they can be personified in nature. Through talking with people, I discovered what grief means to them and if and how they feel they have experienced it in their lives. Based on their responses, I made a short film with short clips of how their explanations can be found in nature, the elements, and personal experiences. I feel this project is a completely different approach to ways I have solved design problems and prompts in the past and therefore was challenging, stressful, but overall a rewarding experience. I am happy I pushed myself to work with new mediums, and explore a different side of graphic design then I have in the past.  

Special thanks to everyone who opened up in interviews with me about such a personal topic and helped me complete this project!

And a VERY SPECIAL thanks to Roman Hundley for creating the music behind the video and helping push this project that much farther to fully attain the message I wanted to convey with this project. 



if I had to pick a karaoke number to sing in-front of the class it would be "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes because not only is it the greatest song of our generation but it also asks the important, hard hitting questions of life like "what's going on?" 🙃

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