"The Visual Albums"

Albums are a compilation of stories and messages. With each listen, the experience becomes more and more familiar. People cling to songs they can relate to, but throughout life, the meaning of a song can be pushed into new perspectives. Favorite songs change with time, and eventually the old and new favorites become like old and new friends that come in and out of your life if you uphold the relationship. Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Tame Impala are three artists that have released albums I have fondly attached myself to. This semester, I transformed Lana Del Rey’s album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Tyler, the Creator’s, album, IGOR, and Tame Impala’s album, The Slow Rush into three visual albums to interpret the experience of listening to them. I experimented with a variety of mediums to express what some of my favorite lyrics mean to me and how albums flow together as a complete experience. 

To view the complete Norman Fucking Rockwell album, visit


To view the complete IGOR album, visit


To view the complete The Slow Rush album, visit


If I could collaborate with anyone past or present, it would be Lana Del Rey. She is my favorite artist, and part of my senior thesis project is inspired by her. I would love to help with the visual aspects for one of her upcoming albums and help design the merchandise to go along with it.

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