"Hometown Branding"

My thesis study aims to explore the development process of creating and branding a new minor league team. Using a survey to develop teams name, people will fill in a series of requirements to come up with their team name. Each team must have a location and mascot name. Once the survey is complete, I will pick one team to focus on. The plan is to research the area, this includes its history, economy, people, and other random facts. The, focus on the team name, what it/they do or why it’s well known. Using my research, I will create primary and secondary logos, design uniforms, merchandise, last develop advertisements and rebrand the ballpark atmosphere. The goal creates the branding centered around the location of the team. 

Baseball has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Mixing that with growing up creating teams in video games or spending hours on tycoon games. Being creative has been a passion so putting that into a real-life situation is a blessing. 


Click the link below to get a better look www.behance.net/KennyHilliard 





Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid and you can never go wrong.

-"The Babe" in Sandlot

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