"Tell Me A Story"

The concept of this project is to create a series of posters inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the 19th century with primary emphasis on organic geometric shapes, linear contours of elegant designs that united flowing natural forms, coupled with the classic modern day “gig” poster, also known as a concert/band poster, with its elaborate illustrative style and complex use of color. In order to break away from the traditional poster size and style, each poster was designed between 16 inches X 36 inches (minimum) 16 inches X 48 inches (maximum) giving them a unique elongated appearance. The design objective of this series is to provide three short stories, written by Hans Christian Anderson, unbound from the confounds of the traditional book, along with an illustration, as one unified design. 

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?

A: Joe Exotic, why? Cause Carol Baskin

INTERFACE is a student led virtual exhibition featuring original projects by the LSU Senior Graphic Design Class of 2020.

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