"What Makes Us Shine"

This project is all about self-empowerment and remembering to stay confident about who you are, because no two people are the same.  

Each color represents an important lesson to help yourself move towards more self-confidence. Orange is the color for Optimism; it reminds us to stay positive even through difficult times. Green is the color for Balance; it reminds us to be aware of our limitations so that we don’t push ourselves too hard in one area and not enough in another. Red is the color for Passion; it reminds us to let go of things that drag us down and that we are not passionate about so that we can focus all of our energy on the things that we care most about. Blue is the color for Integrity; probably the most important thing is to stay true to yourself as well as with others.  

With media constantly surrounding us, and starting at younger ages kids are being exposed to media and feeling the effects of it. Media can be empowering at times, but with it also brings insecurity when we compare ourselves and our lives to others online. It is important to remember who we are, and what makes us unique! 

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If I had to pick one color, I would wear BLACK for the rest of my life, most of my closet is all black anyway, so I'm halfway there 😂 Black is also extremely versatile and always matches (unlike white, where it seems you can NEVER find two white items that match perfectly).

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