"The Faces of Mother Nature"

The Faces of Mother Nature is a series of multi-media collages that narrate our human impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. Each individual work represents one of the Earth’s environmental biomes while the women at their focal points serve as a personification of that biome. The women’s expressions, color choices, and details all serve to reflect the suffering their biomes endure at the hands of issues such as over fishing, pollution, deforestation, and poaching. The pieces themselves are made from cardboard, magazine clippings, trash, and other recycled materials that I then drew and painted over to disguise. I challenged myself to purchase as little as possible in terms of supplies for this project in order to curb my own environmental impact. By researching these issues and creating these pieces, I gained an enormous respect for the resources nature provides us with. My hope is that this project serves to humanize nature itself as well as highlight how deeply interconnected we are with our Earth.




"If I had to move to a deserted island, I would take all of my art supplies, my guitar, and chapstick."

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