"Great Aspectations"

In modern pop culture, astrology has been reduced to twelve personality groups that attempts to organize the entire population using birthdays. What many people miss are the centuries of observation, calculation, and research that go into creating a magnificent and useful tool like astrology. For my senior thesis, I took on the challenge of breaking the stereotype that astrology is shallow, useless, and simple. Growing up in the 21st century, I’ve noticed that people assume they are only their sun sign and that astrology has no factual basis for the archetypes it has given us. I grew up reading Cosmo and Teen Vogue, where all Pisces have the same vague personality that could work for just about anyone if they wanted it to. Because of this vagueness, people brush astrology off as useless and practitioners have to constantly defend themselves and the discipline. Great Aspectations aims to dive into the basics of learning astrology so that the general population can seek to understand the beauty and depth of this tool.  

In order to guide the public to a better understanding, I’ve created a book that lays out the foundation of traditional and modern astrology and how to begin using it. I talk about each component of a birth chart and broke down all of the basic facets that go into reading the sky. I’ve also created an oracle card deck that pairs with the book so the reader can practice understanding the characteristics of the signs and house, while also gaining clarity in specific aspects of their lives. 

To order a hard copy of Great Aspectations, along with the oracle deck, please email me at Rachel.spectrumdesign@gmail.com 

To read the full book digitally, please visit: 


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