"The Ancient World of Jordan"

Jordanian culture features many beautiful aspects that attract many and carry on symbols of our history. My project brings a set of of collages that lends the geographical and diversity of Jordan to the life of an American. Each collage describes a part ofJordan that makes it so unique and historical. From the colors that represent our ancestors, to the food, and beautiful scenery that will not disappoint.Bedouin people in Jordan inspire most of these aspects. They always represent the geometric designs in their decor, and are also known to have the most beautiful and mysterious eyes. The second aspect of my project brings to light the famous desserts in Jordan. Knafeh is served in every occasion and is a sign of love and happiness when served to guests. In my collage I used the white fabric to represent the cheese in the knafeh being pulled. In Jordan, the stretch of the cheese proves the goodness of the knafeh that has been made. It is topped with crushed pistachios, In which I used gold to symbolize the richness of the dessert. The last piece of the collage portrays Wadi-Rum. It is nicknamed “Valley of the Moon” because it gives a vibe of being on the moon and free. While flying over Jordan. I see cities that are surrounded by this beautiful dessert. This Valley brings all the cultural aspects together.



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